Speciliaty coffee shop, Ni

Crema a speciality coffee shop located in Lisburn, NI, called me in to paint their shop front and design their business logo. I ended up painting their coffee machine, toilets, windows and glass bottles as well.

I designed a C as their logo. I presented them with a couple of alternative designs and they immediately chose the option of a convex letter with their branding colours. A couple of days later Mike told me that he had reached out to 9 other designers for his logo without getting any success. I guess I was lucky number 10, as he was instantly happy with my design 

Mike and Natalie had a clear vision of what they wanted but gave me the freedom to do it my own way: the perfect clients! Plus, the days at their coffee shop were full of laughs, addictive ice cream, super tasty food and the most delicious coffee. I think I even gained weight while working there! but who could say no to all their tasty delicatessen?

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