sign painting Online course

Fundamentals of
Brush Control

Learn the basics of brush control with my signwriting online course. Within 16 lessons you will learn all about muscle memory, body posture, paint consistency, basic strokes and all you need to know to get into Sign Painting.

What you get

Over 3 weeks, 16 videos and 1 workbook you learn step-by-step how to paint and draw the basic strokes and all you need to know to get into sign painting

16 videos + Extras

Full of tips & tricks and packed with step-by-step instructions


Printable workbook with +28 pages and 15 basic strokes

Instant access

You can watch all the videos at your own pace, and as many times as you like. You will have access for one year.

Get started
with the basics

This course is an introduction to Sign Painting. It is designed for beginners. I will take you step-by-step through the basics of Sign Painting.




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$ 90,-

Course impression

“Where do I begin?” I often hear that people want to learn sign painting but they do not know where to start. One of the most common pitfall that people make when learning sign painting is skipping the basics.

 The Fundamentals of Brush Control are essential for you to set solid foundations, acquire basic knowledge and develop your muscle memory. 


  • Develop brush control and muscle memory
  • Learn all about body posture, paint consistency & all you need to know to get into Sign Painting
  • Have +28 pages to practice your strokes
  • Get a printable workbook
  • Daily how-to videos
  • Have instant access to the full online portal
  • …and so much more!


1. Welcome – Introduction
2. Tools and Materials
3. Understanding your tools
4. Prepare your brush when it’s new
5. How to get the right consistency of paint
6. How to pallet your brush
7. Your workbook
8. Week 1 – Body posture 1
9. Body posture 2
10. Body posture 3
11. Variation body posture 1
12. Basic strokes
13. Develop your muscle memory
14. Basic strokes
15. Week 2: Drawing and painting
16. week 3: Mastering your brush control

From my students

They say that teaching is caring. I believe in the importance of sharing my passion and knowledge to keep the signwriting craft and calligraphy alive.

We learned so much and in great detail. It was fun, and we were all made to feel so comfortable from the outset. Joha was just great, so helpful, so talented and just a lovely person. I would highly recommend a workshop with her

Ciara T

An amazing 2-day signwriting workshop taught by super talented Joha. She went into great detail explaining the process. Would highly recommend taking one of her classes!!

Zipporah Reynolds

I attended Joha's 'Introduction to sign painting course' and it was loads of fun! She is a fountain of knowledge, very happy to help and answer questions and explained everything really well. Plus her painting skills are amazing to watch. We all had a fab 2 days, it was class to see how much we improved in that time. Couldn't recommend enough!

Rossanna O’Kane