How to hold the brush

There are 3 ways you could hold your brush: with a Malh stick, hand over hand and pinky finger. Try all of them and choose the one you feel more comfortable with.

How to print your workbook

The workbook has been designed in an A3 format, so please print it that size, A3. If you print it smaller, what will happen is that the strokes will be smaller than your brush, so they won’t be as useful for you.

Clean your brush

Treat well your brush! Give to your brush a good clean after every practice and a lovely treat with oil. More text.

Paint: How to get the perfect consistency

Getting the right consistency of the paint is a key step you need to learn before start painting! If you have perfect consistency of paint your strokes will come out easier. If your paint is too thick your brush won’t flow ideally, or if it is too thin or...

Prepare your brush

YouIf you get a new sign painting brush, please prepare your brush a minimum of 24 hours prior to starting painting. New brushes usually have a bit of wax at the tip of the hairs to keep them in shape, but we want to get rid of it.